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Lo Cal The Latest Trend in Calorie Conscious Cuisine!

Tasty low-calorie food is hard to find!  In Chennai, with the rising popularity of diet regimes, there is a larger demand for food that fits in with your macros. For those of you who may not be aware of the term; macros are a person’s daily requirement of Carbs, fats and protein in order to either lose or gain weight. Mahi and Abhishek, the owners of ‘Lo Cal’ on Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, have come up with a conceptual eatery that enables you to eat your daily requirement without having to forgo the taste or the yumminess factor. For those who are ready to explore eating out while on a diet the variety of food available here will not just tickle those taste buds but will  also give you contained release of fats, glucose and protein. The menu shows a spread of fresh gourmet salads, such as burrata and baked fig goat cheese and pear which I had the pleasure of savouring.  We were also served  the Hot Balsamic Chicken Wings, the Pear and Fig salad, Babaganoush and Tzatziki, Mexican Chicken and Brown Rice meal in a bowl, Devilled Eggs, Alfredo Mushroom Wheat Pasta, Avacado Chocolate mousse, their signature protein shake and of course the famous Keto ice cream in filter coffee.

My favourite was the pasta, I don’t think I have ever eaten pasta that tasted so fresh and yummy. The whole wheat flavor combined with mushroom alfredo sauce was a sensual treat, the best part being that  it was really low in carbs, which basically means guilt free indulgence of foooood! Chicken wings are usually batter fried and oily and of course the fattiest part of the chicken itself. So, it was a pleasure to see that these were seasoned in slightly chilly fresh ground spices and no BATTER!!! The best part of the dishes here, especially with chicken is that the produce is free range and anti-biotic free. The baba ganoush was so tasty with delicately charred brinjal and fresh pomegranate seeds wrapped in whole wheat pita bread and served with a garlic thoum sauce – all of which was freshly made at the venue. The Mexican bowl was mouthwatering with the softly blanched veggies that adhere not only to flavor but also help to not diminish the nutrients and vitamins; perfectly cooked chicken spiced with Cajun peppers and corn. It was strange but by the time we came to the dessert section I was completely stuffed.

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How many of you have gone on a diet and have had chocolate cravings the very next day? So much so that you decide to cheat… well here you can cheat pretty much every day, says Mahi, who is also a nutritionist and a wellness guide. She absolutely recommends the avocado chocolate mousse and let me be the first to confirm that it was silky smooth and divine! But the ultimate prize goes to the Filter Coffee keto Ice cream that tasted so creamy and filling that it was hard to put the spoon down! They also have their own brand of protein powder which is WHO certified and a shake bar which is very reasonably priced. “We wanted to create a space that would be easy for dieters and health conscious folk to eat guilt free and also enjoy the meal”, says Mahi Mohan.

Another little tid bit, they have cycles as chairs at their dining tables that calculate the calories burnt as you eat. What a wonderful concept, I give this place three thumbs up for their innovation and their absolute dedication to their passion; Fitness and Wellness.

Address: Lo Cal by Dumbell, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Call:  Mahi Mohan +91 9176645458

Meal for two: Rs 1,000



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