Licks of Love – Honey and Rehan Guha


It is undeniable that a person’s relationship with their pet is special. Pet parents (the more endearing term for owners) go to great lengths to care for their pets. The world, they say, is divided into two kinds of people. You’re either a dog person, or a cat person. Irrespective of a person’s preference though, a pet has the ability to change a person’s life. Pets help kids achieve a higher level of emotional attachment to most things and have often been used as a way by which childless couples can bring great joy into their lives.

Whether it is the inimitable love and devotion of a dog, or the intelligence and hands-off attitude of cats, it is undeniable that pets tap that special corner in our hearts that make us all go ‘Awwww’. RITZ went into the households of a handpicked few stylish and swish Hyderabadis, to know more about their special bond…

Owners: Honey and Rehan Guha. Honey is a fashion designer, while her husband Rehan is a hospitality consultant.

Pet: Boozo (Breed: Pug; Age: 3 years)

Reason: Pugs are small and cute.

Personality quirk: Care-a-damn attitude.

Best part about having one: The excitement when the owners come home and the fact that there is always someone who is eagerly awaiting you.

Quote: “Having a pet really changes you as a person – there is so much to learn from them… all they need from a person is love! After we got one, we don’t feel the need to have kids anymore! (Laugh) That is because if we are home there is not a moment that goes by without him. He’s always parked next to us.”



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