Levitate Microbrewery opens doors in Bengaluru


Levitate Brewery & Kitchen opened doors in JP Nagar, Bengaluru with a bang. Built designed to distort the rules of gravity, it’s a hotspot where you start questioning the dubious rules of this world as you are transported to another dimension where even the food and drinks on your table seem mystical. Their menu is a mix of elements that show effects of levitation and delusion. Food is vibrant, with a delectable choice of dishes with different textures of crispy crumbs, crunchy batters and saucy marinades with flavors from across the globe. Some great craft beers brewed with the best ingredients from Germany, some known flavours and some unknown like the Stout beer-Dark and Smoked, Lager and Lager Strong, Wheat and Wheat Strong and Radler, a flavoured brew. Levitate Brewery & Kitchen is a Unit of Kauzi Food and Beverage Services Pvt. Ltd. Owned by Girish SV a very successful mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience in the field and director of Profuse Engineering Excellence Pvt. Ltd & Wood series Modular Pvt. Ltd. Raghavendra an expert in the electrical trade and successfully running his own company called Wiretronics. Childhood friends turned into business partners for the love of good beer, Girish SV & Raghavendra Karade travelled around the world to quench their thirst for freshly brewed beers. Their quest for good craft beer made them start their own Microbrewery-Levitate and turn their dream to reality. They have chosen Bhagat Singh Tomar who is one of the first brewmasters in India for the first ever Microbrewery in India and a connoisseur in his field with 25 years of experience in both commercial brewery and microbrewery. The launch party saw guests soaking in all the fun sipping on their brews and tucking in some interesting passarounds.



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