Late Actor Sethuraman’s Wife Uma Pens Down An Emotional Message


Dr. Sethuraman is known for his Kollywood film Kanna Laddoo Thinna Aasaya. Apart from being an actor, he is also a famous cosmetologist. In a shocking turn of events, doctor Sethuraman passed away as a result of a massive cardiac arrest a year ago.

Sethuraman’s wife Uma has now taken to social media to share a video with an emotional message on his first death anniversary. She wrote, “ MA … “ that’s what I have fondly called you always .. never called you by name so far … it’s because I love and respect you for what you are with no expectations. My routine used to be around you and only you. Planning conferences / trips / daily patient Schedules / workout sessions / Food / leisure . In the 4 years I had always prioritised and only thought about what you wanted to do and Helped in my small ways to make them happen. You never stopped dreaming ….and I never said “ no “ to help execute your dreams. Many times I have had silly conversations with you about me being the lucky personal assistant that you would have ever got. Money is never important to you. It’s happiness and love that is important. If someone close to you is upset, you can never sleep. A highly thoughtful, passionate, soulful, meditative, Childish, innocent, mature soul …. No one can ever replicate you & your character. Can’t believe it’s 1 year already and that I am still thinking you will knock at the door … will you ?? Will wait until Vedanth ( little You) & Sahana grow and knock at the door. You aren’t far …. just so near that we can’t hear or see you .. Love Uma Sethuraman.”



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