Kristen Stewart plays Lady Diana in biopic “Spencer”


Kristen Stewart is playing the role of Princess Diana in the biopic titled “Spencer”. The biopic also stars Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris. They are currently shooting in Germany and will soon shift to the UK to complete the shoot. The biopic delves into a particular weekend in the 1990’s when Princess Diana Spencer decided to end her marriage with Prince Charles and forego her chance of becoming the future Queen of England. The film focuses on the 3 days that Diana spent as her last Christmas holiday in the House of Windsor at their Sandringham Estate.

The movie will not depict Diana’s tragic death that took place in 1997. However it will focus on her fraying marriage and her love for her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. It will mainly deal with Diana’s tough decision to leave the royal family for good. The film also focuses on Diana’s self-discovery and the strength she found in her difficult times. It shows how Diana realized that she wanted to be the woman she was before she met Prince Charles.



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