Dogged Compassion: Kirthana Raamsukaesh
By Sanjay Pinto

The ‘To Do’ list of this Chennai banker involves number crunching. It’s not her official Work From Home routine. Neither is it stocking up rations for her family. A voice for the voiceless in Chennai, Kirthana Raamsukaesh has been immersed in sourcing packets of chicken, rice and pet food for abandoned animals.
Having recently joined the Friends Of Police (FOP) movement, she is able to move around during this lockdown to feed hungry animals on our roads.
(Pic: Kirthana Raamsukaesh – Animal Rights Activist)
“About 11 dogs and 13 cats are my regular guests! They are a part of my community. I feed the dogs a wholesome meal at least once every day and cats at least thrice a day. Since there are not many cattle in my area, I feed them every time they visit my colony.”
It’s not convenient leftovers that this young lady throws out. Using her own money, she cooks chicken, rice and supplements it with dry and wet pet food. These acts of compassion were not brought on by the lockdown. Kirthana has been feeding community pets for close to 3 years. The curfew has just pushed up her guest list! By another 7 dogs and cattle roaming on the streets.
All this minus the bragging. It was a facebook post by Director General of Police Dr.Prateep Philip, Founder of Friends Of Police, that revealed Kirthana’s work. Her facebook page is plastered with impassioned pleas to people to feed stray animals and to not abandon their pets.
Co – Founder of Blue Cross Chinny Krishna notes with pride that Chennai “is a blessed land” when it comes to people caring for animals. Kirthana, however, laments that there is still “a gross mismatch between the number of people feeding and the number of animals that need to be fed.”
If only kindness to other living beings was infectious enough, colonies of people wouldn’t lock their hearts.
 (Sanjay Pinto is an Advocate practising at the Madras High Court, Columnist, Author & Former Resident Editor – NDTV 24×7)


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