Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson draws flak for insensitive remarks


She was on a live program hosted by a television channel when she snapped at a victim of domestic violence

After the Vismaya case where a young Ayurveda doctor, Vismaya  allegedly committed suicide after her husband harassed and abused her physically and mentally, there has been a widespread call to stop domestic violence and abuse especially in the name of dowry. Of late, many TV channels have been organising live tele call in programs where police officers and other eminent personalities have been invited to talk to victims and offer advice.

During one such program on Manorama News channel , Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson, MC Josephine was invited to have a live telephonic chat with a victim of domestic violence. Due to possible technical issues, Josephine is at first seen snapping and shouting at the caller complaining that she can not hear her. Later, when she starts to question her about the domestic violence, Josephine asks the victim why she hadn’t complained to the police to which the lady replies that she hadn’t told anyone about it. The chairperson immediately retorts in an irritated tone, “Then you suffer!”  Though she quickly added that a case has to be filed in the family court,  her insensitive remarks on live television has drawn a lot of flak and social media is buzzing demanding her resignation. MC Josephine denied that she had been rude to the victim and she clarified that she was under a lot of pressure everyday due to rising cases of crime against women. But it is clear that victims do not file a case or approach organisations such as these due to a sense of shame and fear of being blamed by people who are supposed to be more empathetic and sensitive towards the victim.



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