JioPhone Next to be the world’s cheapest smartphone


Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries said that Jio and Google have partnered and jointly developed an affordable and power packed smartphone. Called ‘JioPhone Next’, this phone will be available in the market from September.

This phone is powered by an optimised version of Android operating system and is especially targeted for the Indian market. It includes features like voice assistant, language translation, automatic read-aloud of screen test, smart camera with augmented reality filters etc. It supports applications from both Google and Jio as well as Android Playstore.
Ambani stated that it would be by far the most affordable smartphone not just in India but across the world. He said that he and Sundar Pichai discussed developing a next generation, feature rich, affordable smartphone aimed at providing first-time internet access for 2G users.
The two companies Google Cloud and Jio have also expanded their collaboration with a new 5G partnership. This will help with better internet, support businesses in their digital transformation and also help in the health and education sectors thereby laying a foundation for the next phase of India’s digitisation.



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