Kanakadhara Silks: Timeless Kanjivaram Drapes Reflects India’s Rich Cultural Heritage


Kanakadharasilks, the newest destination for the finest kanjivaram silk drapes was launched by Padmabhushan Sangita Kalanidhi Sudha Ragunathan. The story of Kanakadhara is a story of a community that holds the craftsmanship and knowledge of art that, in itself, has created a legacy. It is a story of how this community brings happiness, identity, uniqueness, and confidence to women. It is the story that sheds light on India’s inimitable rich heritage that stood all trials. It is the story of inheritance, the one that grandmothers and mothers pass through saris that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Founded by two friends Archana Abishek and Lavanya Sekar, Kanakadhara shows us that sarees are not just six-yard drapes; every piece is a canvas that displays the artistic minds and hands of our weavers. Each Kanakadhara product is experimented to provide a unique and individual identity. It is a masterpiece of our weavers’ artwork. Every thread is woven with hard work, humility, and love for this legacy. Kanakadhara is not just a brand but an initiative with sincere effort to bring acknowledgment, respect, and empowerment to the weavers’ community.

Carefully-curated for every occasion, the collections at Kanakadhara include daily wear, party wear as well as bridal sarees. Customisation for Bridal sarees and blouses are also undertaken. Made with pure Kanjivaram silk, Kanakadhara Sarees come with traditional patterns and motifs like the elephant, peacocks, lotus, and swan motifs.



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