Kajal Aggarwal drinks ‘Black Water’ to stay healthy


Kajal Aggarwal was recently spotted stepping out from Park Hyatt, Velachery, Chennai holding the best-known black alkaline water drink, Evocus black water in her hand while smiling & Interacting with media.

Water is the key element to keeping the skin healthy and radiant & the easiest yet most basic beauty & fitness regime is drinking water which purifies the skin & detoxifies the body naturally. Kajal believes in consuming Black alkaline water for her well-being. Other celebs just like Dinesh Karthik & Shruti Haasan have also been spotted with black water and trust it as their go-to choice. So, what’s engaging in this?

Well, this isn’t the first time we have seen Kajal drinking Black Alkaline Water. Kajal explains throwing light on black water which is considered to have a high pH of 8+ and more than 70 Minerals that provide multiple health benefits. The much-outspoken Black Alkaline Water label- ‘Evocus’ contains ultra-hydrating, detoxifying and anti-aging properties. Due to its high PH, it reduces acidity, and the essential minerals present in the water boost your metabolism and keep you active and alert throughout the day.

Where normal water comes with a pH of 7 and zero minerals, Black Alkaline water comes with a pH of 8 to 8.4+ and essential minerals, creating an environment within the body that is less acidic, well hydrated, and detoxed, and said to improve the bodily functions.

Evocus black alkaline water is also the E-commerce market leader in the premium water segment in India, it is sold on www.amazon.com , www.Flipkart.com, and their e-commerce site on https://drinkevocus.com/buy-alkaline-drink/

Well with so many celebs already hopping to this healthy water, it seems ‘Black Alkaline Water’ soon will become a ‘new normal of drinking water.



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