Jeff Bezos makes journey to space


Jeff Bezos made a journey to space in the first crewed flight of his rocket ship, New Shepard. He was accompanied on the journey by his brother Mark Bezos. an 82 year old pioneer of the space race named Wally Funk and a 18 year old student.
The rocket ship New Shepard that was built by Bezos’ company Blue Origin took 10 minutes and 10 seconds for the flight. The flight had the oldest person who has been to space -Ms Wally and the youngest person, a student named Oliver Daemen.

Jeff Bezos said he was surprised by the sensation of microgravity. Stunning images of the Earth could be seen.
The spacecraft took off from a private launch site near Van Horn, Texas. Two minutes after it took off, the capsule separated from its rocket and continued upwards towards the Karman Line- the most widely recognised boundary of space.
Videos showed the occupants performing somersaults and tumbles during four minutes of weightlessness.
On the way down Bezos told mission control “You have a very happy crew up here.”
It may be recalled that Bezos recently resigned from Amazon to concentrate on his other ventures including Blue Origin.



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