Japanese Princess rejects $1.2 million payout and decides to marry commoner


Princess Mako, the daughter of Japan’s crown prince is reportedly set to get married to a commoner and shift base to America. She will be marrying her sweetheart Kei Komuro.
They have decided to get married without the usual traditional ceremonies and even rejected a payout that is given to female royals who marry out of the royal family.

The 29 year old Mako will lose her title after her marriage. Crown Prince Akishino declared that while he supported his daughter’s marriage, she needed to win the public’s understanding.
According to reports, the princess has rejected the payout of around $1.2 million. Mako is the sister of Prince Hisahito, 14, who is the eligible male heir to the throne. Japan’s Chrysanthemum Throne can pass only to male members of the family and the children of female royals who marry commoners are not included.



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