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Check out Christmas hampers by Sugar Bowl by Candida Rodriguez

It is that time of the year again when Christmas cheer is in the air. Cakes, goodies and gifts are a part of the season but if you are not into baking, take heart, for these  passionate home bakers are ready with exciting gift hampers that are hard to resist! Ritz catches up with some of the top home bakers from Kochi who are all geared up for Christmas with their beautiful hampers.

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

Sugar bowl by Candida Rodriguez

Sugar bowl started over a decade ago with home made chocolates and slowly progressed to cakes and cupcakes. Being from a joint family, Candida was never out of orders and soon she mastered the art of baking with buttercream cakes being her forte. She went on to become a certified pastry Chef from the Lavonne Academy Bengaluru specialising in desserts, and there has been no looking back since then. Her Christmas hampers are very popular every year so let’s take a look at what Sugar bowl has in store for the season.  

What are the goodies in your gift boxes this season?  

My biggest hamper is a two tiered hamper with a mix of goodies and Christmas decor like the Plum cake, a hot chocolate mix, Toffee pudding, Cherry Toffee, Strawberry preserve and Ginger Lime concentrate from Rachel’s Orchard, Christmas candles, Crinkle cookie Jar, Wooden and metal Christmas ornaments and Cushion covers. I also have two smaller hampers, one with cookies in the shape of a tree packed in an acrylic box and the other is a red holiday box that has cupcakes, cookies and cakesicles.

Can they be customised or are readymade boxes available?

The hampers have to be ordered in advance and they can be customised If there is a minimum quantity of at least five.

What do you think is a ‘must have’ in every gift box this year?

The plum cakes are in demand but they are available everywhere during this time. I think the Assorted sugar cookies are very popular and a ‘must have’!

The most sought after product in your gift box?

The Caramel toffee. 

The one thing you enjoy most about the season would be:

It is very exciting to plan, source and put the hamper together. There is nothing to beat the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you see all the goodies and hampers all packed up and ready to go. The feedback that you get from customers is extremely satisfying and that is what keeps me going every year.  

A new trend that you noticed this year?

I feel clients are keen on seeing what’s new and they prefer personalised or customised hampers. 

What makes your gifts different from the rest of your peers?

I like to be creative when I make hampers and I noticed that customers expect something new every season. So I make it a point to always ensure that every year there is a difference in the packaging or the elements that make up the hamper, unless there is a specific customer order.

What would be your pricing like?

My hampers start from INR 1600 and go upto 4000. 

Is there a minimum order count?

No minimum order quantity.

Insta: Sugarbowl_cochin

Contact: 7736597833




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