ISH Aims to Empower Women in Hospitality with their Scholarship “WISH”


·            To encourage more female participation in the hospitality sector

·            To extend support and assistance to meritorious girls

For International Women’s Day, Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) is elated to announce the launch of an exclusive scholarship for girls, WISH. ISH has launched “WISH” with an objective to increase accessibility to an international standard of hospitality education for young women. Based in Gurugram, the ISH philosophy is to impart lifelong skills to students to help them succeed as the leaders of tomorrow – giving them the tools they need to shape one of the biggest industries across worldwide.

The education structure is aimed at providing the ideal foundation for managerial and leadership development, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning. The Indian School of Hospitality is proud to have the academic certification of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland. This academic certification represents and recognizes the Indian School of Hospitality’s dedication to providing educational excellence to its students, it’s a commitment to Swiss hospitality education standards and it’s a strong connection to the industry.

The genesis behind WISH is to empower women across the country to join one of the leading industries in today’s world. It is available for first-year applicants to any of the undergraduate programmes. The value of the award will vary as per the number of awards, standing in the 12th class examination, and review of their SOP. The evaluation of applications is based on past, current and potential academic performance, including a promise of leadership qualities. This initiative hopes to encourage more female enrolment into an industry that has numerous professional opportunities for both genders, however is experiencing a lack of female talent.



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