Is Vicco Turmeric safe?


Every household in India has Vicco Turmeric in the shelf. People love to apply it to their scars, cuts, bruises, and wounds. But is it really safe? Let us find out….

Vicco Turmeric contains Turmeric as well as Parabens. So, it is both good and bad at the same time. While the inclusion of Turmeric, which is an Ayurvedic remedy for healing and for anti-bacterial action, is a boon for skin sufferers, the addition of parabens, such as Methyl and Propyl Parabens can be toxic. Parabens are a class of ingredients that are often used in the formulation of most cosmetic products. The issue revolving their safety is still a hot debate. Parabens can be absorbed by the human body, and have been linked with endocrine disorders in animals as per the animal testing conducted by scientists. However, hardly 1% of Parabens is said to be absorbed by the human skin. Due to ongoing long-term studies to understand the side effects, it is hard to conclude whether they are safe or if they are damaging then to what extent. Some still use it but many have now turned to home ground Turmeric paste remedies, which is safer and more viable.



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