Interactive Cooking Demonstration at The Thai Pavilion


When The Thai Pavilion, India’s most love Thai restaurant decided to include a few new dishes in its menu, the chefs introduced them to the media in a unique manner. They held an interactive cookery session on Thai cuisine – conducted by Chef Benjamin Lalhmangaiha.

Along with Chef Arjun Yadav, who looks after all the restaurants at the Taj Vivanta, they began by explaining the importance of some of the key ingredients used in Thai cuisine. Finger root ginger, galangal, kaffir lime, basil, peanuts, Thai chilli, butternut pumpkin, lemon grass and other flavour enhancing elements were displayed and their uses explained. The restaurant, to retain its authenticity, imports its ingredients from Thailand.

The chef demonstrated a salad, a starter, Pad Thai noodles and these were then passed around for us to taste. He also showed how the pastes were hand pounded to enhance the flavours.

All the dishes have a minimum of three basic flavours and use only hand-pounded Thai spices, the freshest of clay fish, duck, Thai vegetables and mushroom, in addition to regular meat and seafood.

Thai Pavilion offers fresh, distinct and well-seasoned soups, entrees, appetizers and desserts for a true tasteful experience of the Thai culture. Each dish is endowed with subtlety and refinement, and its presentation is enhanced by ingredients rooted in traditional Thai cuisine.

The delicious meal that followed included the restaurants signature dishes along with those that had been demonstrated.



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