Instant Ice Cream


When two IT professionals decided to turn entrepreneurs [the city is full of IT guys getting into professions or businesses not related to their degree], they decided to combine molecular gastronomy with their passion for ice cream.

So Pavan Vallap and Kishore Samala put their heads together, patented a process using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream instantly, and launched Mist N Creams in Hyderabad. Innovative in every way, it caters to the five senses from the moment you walk into the tiny store. The smell of waffles and biscuits baking overpowers as you walk in; the pleasing blue and white interiors plus the neatly designed counters where the ice cream is made are instantly relaxing.

Then once you choose your preferred flavour – from an extensive list of 25 options that promises to keep growing – you can watch the staff prepare the ice cream in front of you. This is an experience in itself. They first mix milk with the flavour of your choice – and there are plenty of fruit, nut and chocolate based options. This is churned in front of you behind a glass counter and then liquid nitrogen is poured into it to freeze the ice cream. This has to be the second best part about the ice cream at Mist N Cream. With the red, blue and green LED lights glowing above the churner, the steam from the liquid nitrogen takes on that colour and it is a visual delight. Once the ice cream is the right consistency, it is served inside a wafer biscuit that stays firm till the very end and you don’t have to get into a race with the wafer to see who gets most of the ice cream.

Now, the best part is of course the ice cream. Because it has not been frozen, there are no ice crystals. The machines make it extremely creamy with the churning process. Made to look very tempting with chocolate chips that are made in house, or nuts or fruits depending on your choice, the ice cream is a delight in every spoon. It doesn’t melt very fast and you can truly savour the creaminess in every spoonful. And at 200 ml a serving it is filling enough.

The store also has thick and creamy milk shakes in various flavours. Prices start from Rs 130 onwards and these are inclusive of taxes.

Mist N Cream

MLA Colony, Road No. 12

Banjara Hills

Open from 12 noon to 1 am



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