Indigenous Rice Festival at Wild Garden Cafe, Amethyst, Chennai


Sempulam (CIKS) has come together with Chef Rakesh Raghunathan and the team at Wild Garden Cafe at Amethyst for hosting an ‘Indigenous Rice Festival’. The Food Festival is being organised with the goal of assisting / encouraging farmers to conserve and market their products, as well as raising awareness levels among the urban population between 10am to 11pm from May 13th to 24th, 2022, at Wild Garden Cafe, Amethyst, Chennai. Ph : 044-45991633 /34

The Rice varieties being used to prepare the meal are:

  1. Kaivari Samba (Boiled)
  2. Kuzhiadichan (Boiled)
  3. Seeraga Samba (Raw)
  4. Kalanamak (Raw)
  5. Adukkunel (Raw)
  6. Anandanoor Sanna (Raw)
  7. Karungkuruvai (Boiled)
  8. Mullan Kaima (Raw)
  9. Sivappu Kowni (Boiled)
  10. Navara (Raw)
  11. Thooyamalli (Raw)
  12. Thanga Samba (Raw)


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