Inauguration of AVOCADO CARE at T.Nagar, Chennai


In the era of high pressure and stress as a result of lifestyle, working environment and factors like increasing pollution, people, especially in an urban centre like Chennai are increasingly looking out for total health and fitness solutions.

However, not everyone is looking in the right direction. Neither beauty nor fitness reflected by good looks or complexion. It lies much deeper and complete wellness is holistic – deep down to the soul of the individual.

This is precisely what we at Avocado Care believe and offer to our clients. Avocado Care – reputed name in Hong Kong among those who seek wellness opens its first clinic in Chennai with the aim of providing complete wellness solutions to people and is not restricted to just skin deep beauty treatment and care.

“Avocado Care is born from a fusion of Science and Nature.”

This is our core belief around which all our wellness solutions are packaged. The treatment, packages and services that we offer at our clinic – located conveniently in T.Nagar – include 100 per cent organic products sourced from different parts of the world and are completely free from any form of chemicals. We start early in the day and have customized programs so that clients can choose from an array of packages at a convenient time of their choice. Do visit us anytime and see for yourselves the clean and hygienic premises. All our in-house therapists, dietician and support staff are very well trained and will be an integral part of clients’ journey towards complete wellness. 

What we offer:

Detoxification: This is the flagship program at Avocado Care. Clients can choose from 7, 14 or a 21-day program, the last of which we highly recommend for maximum result.

What we at Avocado Care do is not just a brief program with our clients through mass programs, but highly personalized sessions to ensure that they carry the message of wellness for the rest of their lives and pursue it every day. There will not be more than 5 people per batch and sessions begin early in the day – from 5.30 a.m. onwards. The sessions will include a Health Drink to start the day, 1hr of Yoga, half n hour of Naturopathy warp, full body massage steam n shower. Customized diet counselling.

Clients will also be served smoothie and salads made from the finest of ingredients, prepared in Vegan Café at clinic. We ensure that participants in the morning sessions finish their breakfast served at the conclusion of their session, before they leave for home. Avocado Care has its own in-house farm in sylvan surroundings in a village just a short drive from Chennai from where the ingredients are sourced.

Skin, Hair and Slimming treatments:

We also have a wide range of complete beauty treatment solutions. For skin and hair treatment too, all the products used are organic. In-house dermatologists will provide tips on skin and hair care, apart from suggesting the best packages to go in for. Nutritionists provide the perfect counseling to clients on the diet that they need to follow at their home and at work after their program here comes to an end.

At Avocado Care, the bond is vital for clients to witness successful transformation at the end of a long-term program or even brief, single sessions.

There are also free meditation classes in the evening and is open to all those interested in spending some time to pursue basic Yoga asana’s or meditation sessions.

We at Avocado Care offer everything under a single roof. The Salon offering skin and hair treatment is for fashion conscious, its slimming programs are for those who are worried about their fitness and detoxification programs are for those who want to take good care of their overall health. Not stopping at that, our juices are energizing, massages relaxing and body wraps to make people feel light and energetic.

This is an entirely new concept in Chennai, offering complete wellness solutions – especially its wide arrays of services and packages that are new to this progressive city. Please feel to call us at anytime of your convenience.



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