Hundreds of couples got married in Mexico on Valentines Day


In a mass ceremony, hundreds of couples got married in Mexico on Valentines Day. It is reported that 35 same-sex couples too got married in the ceremony.
The authorities provided make-up and hairdressing service for those who took part in the ceremony.

Mexico which is the most populated of the country’s 32 states approved same-sex marriage law in October last year more than a decade after it became the first to celebrate same-sex unions in 2010.
”It’s an important date for us because we met on February 14” said 24 year old Sarai Vargas who married her partner Yazmin Acosta, 27. She stated that she was happy as same-sex marriages were legalized in Mexico and so she decided to marry her partner this year.
A council official stated that though mass weddings lacked intimacy, they came with perks like free marriage certificates.



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