How to be successful in 2019?


Written in no particular order, below is a compilation of the things that the most successful people do on New year’s day each year. So, if you are after success in 2019, then doing these things to kick start your year is sure to take you closer to the success you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Spending time with family

CEO’s of many successful companies begin their year by spending time with their family. A high-profile professional life demands an individual to stand on their own feet, toil hard, travel frequently, cut off from any distractions, and be committed to official engagements. New Year is a day to break the busy schedule and take a well-deserved break, be pampered by the tender-loving care of your mother and/or your spouse, be cuddled by your beloved granny and/or your children, be patted on the back by your brother and/or your father. This one day of quality time is often what gets successful people through an entire year of constant pressure and struggle. So, if you want to be successful then make sure that you thank all those people who stood like a rock to support you till the brink of success. Click the perfect family pic and keep it on your office desk or on your mobile phone screen saver. This will get you through the chaos of the year!

  1. Being grateful

Successful people are always grateful to themselves, to God, to their parents, to the key people in their life as well as to the entire universe. They take time on the first day of the year to reflect upon the journey of their life so far. They may be successful now but they may have started out as a ragged coolie, a meagre chaiwala or a wandering salesman knocking at doors in the early years of their career. Life is totally unpredictable and in just under a minute someone rich can become poor and vice versa. So, successful people always show their gratitude to every challenge in life that made them the person they are today. Many such people also donate to charity and/or volunteer at an orphanage or an old age home to show their gratitude to their society and fellow human beings.

  1. Getting rid of an old habit

You can fill a pot of water only if the old pot is emptied first. Many successful people usually get rid of at least one old habit that they feel is not needed in life. This could be something as serious as quitting smoking or alcohol to something as trivial as throwing away the unwanted papers and documents at the office. Successful people don’t just make resolutions verbally but they make sure to implement positive changes in their life, starting with Jan 1.

  1. Analyzing the past year

A person who wants to climb up the ladder of success must constantly assess how many staircases he has crossed and how many more he is yet to cross to reach the summit. In any chosen career field, you need to know what it takes to be the best in your domain and how you plan to achieve it. Last year’s review gives the best input to the creation of a blue print for the next year. We have got to assess what has worked for us as individuals and what hasn’t. We must know which business and/or personal contacts to save on our phone and which ones to delete. This certainly calls for reflection.

  1. Pampering yourself

Successful people love themselves. On New year’s day, they may go to a spa to get a refreshing head massage along with a relaxing pedicure, go for shopping to get some nice jeans and T’s or even colorful designer clothes that’s well beyond their budget, they may go to the movies with their friends or by themselves, go for a long drive somewhere alone or with someone special during the sunset, and they may go for a dinner date with their life partner or even by themselves. It is important for oneself to spend some downtime on their own, the more successful you are, the more downtime you need by yourself. Successful people take care of their body, mind and spirit, because, here is the secret, if you do not love yourself, you’ll never do what you love, and if you cannot do what you love, then you’ll never be truly successful!



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