How Safe is The National And The Commercial Capital


In any city Safety is the main priority for its citizens. In India Safety is the main concern in National Capital Delhi and The Commercial Capital Mumbai. A Recent survey conducted by the NGO Praja Foundation shows that Forty percent of people feel unsafe in Delhi, while only 14 percent feel unsafe in Mumbai.

In a survey of 28,624 households across Delhi, it was found 40 percent of the respondents do not feel secure in the national capital and 50 percent feel that the city is not secure for women, children and senior citizens. The NGO released its report on the ‘State of Policing and Law and Order’.

Twenty-one percent of the respondents felt Mumbai is not safe for women, children and senior citizens, claimed the survey. In Delhi, people belonging to skilled and unskilled labor classes feel the least secure. The Delhi police had stated in a Statement,“ The force is committed to ensuring the safety of citizens. We have launched several communities policing initiatives and have trained over two lakh women and girls under our self-defense programme in 2017, for which we also entered the Limca Book of Records. Heinous crimes like rapes, murders have seen a decline over the last couple of years.



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