How many times should you brush a day?


One must brush their teeth properly to remove the plaque that can cause cavities.  But the quality of your teeth not only depends on the way you brush but also on how many times you brush in a day. The dental associations of almost all countries recommend brushing twice a day. And although many people do brush twice, it is complicated to derive an exact number because that would depend on the quality of your diet, frequency of your diet, and the status of your oral health.  The hardcore dentists would advise that it is better to brush after each meal, especially after consuming sugary snacks. But if you are going to brush after every meal or even twice a day, you must be careful not to brush hard so that tooth enamel remains undamaged. Use a toothbrush with soft to medium bristles and the toothbrush should not be too harsh with bleaching agents. Many kinds of toothpaste add it to make the teeth whiter and shinier but they are very bad for your teeth.



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