Are sanitary napkins safe in India?



In India, sanitary napkins come under the category of “medical products”, so manufacturers are not required by law to disclose what goes into their making on product packs. There is no research to prove that the sanitary pads sold in India are safe. The absorbent layer is the key component of the napkin. If it retains the fluid more then it is considered more efficient. However, a sanitary napkin should do more than absorption. It should be hygienic as well. Many women in India still do not question the safety of napkins because they are embarrassed. The major layer of a napkin is a nonwoven web made up of wood pulp, cotton linens, and viscose. Most of the wood pulp used in napkins is imported, and that is why the overall napkin becomes expensive. Cotton is used to replace wood pulp in the napkins that are less bulky and thinner. But, the sky-rocketing cost of cotton is the reason why wood pulp is still used. This is why the napkins made of pure cotton that are available in the market are always quite expensive.




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