Honourable Minister K. Pandian Rajan launched a solo show by renowned artist Sujata Bajaj organised by Gallery Veda, in association with Park Hyatt Chennai


Gallery Veda presents a solo show by Sujata Bajaj at Park Hyatt Chennai on November 24, 2018. Consisting of mixed media, painted fiberglass sculptures, drawings, etching- collages made over a 30-year period, her body of work is immense. The exhibition takes into account the inspiration as well as the creative forms and expressions, the figure of Ganesha, the elephant-headed, lovable god, has had on Sujata Bajaj.

Celebrated as an abstract colourist, this exhibition brings into light her lesser-known side in which Ganapati has been a constant companion. While it may surprise most of her viewers, and even collaborators, this exhibition is a logical conclusion for those who know the artist well as it seeks to capture the essence of Ganapati using a diverse set of techniques as well as variety of materials. Ganapati has been a part of a lifelong preoccupation underpinning her entire journey as an artist.

Please call +91 8939871123 for enquiries or further information.
Venue: Park Hyatt Chennai
Date:   November 25th 2018 to February 24th 2019 

The beginning of the journey

Deeply embedded in Indian culture and present in many ways in myriad households, Ganapati has been the subject for artists and artisans since times immemorial. However, not many artists have embraced the figure as Sujata has done. It all started in the most unusual of fashions when, confined to a bed for a long period due to an injured foot, Sujata started to make drawings. She did this obsessively, as if guided by a power beyond her own, each new drawing building on the previous with some variation but always pointing at the form of Ganapati. At a later stage, she added techniques and used materials to give the project depth and a variety rarely seen in Indian art.

Speaking on her inspiration, this is what Sujata Bajaj has to say of her muse:

“To me, Ganapati is endless. I feel a sense of complete freedom and liberty in abstracting his image. No other form lends itself as vividly to the abstract as Ganapati. When I paint him or sculpt him, I am certainly not painting or sculpting a god. I am, in fact, through the process, experiencing my own artistic freedom, and the immense joy intrinsic to that freedom.”

There will be a release of a book titled GANAPATI written by Oscar award winner, French writer and cineaste Jean-Claude Carrière along with the Exhibition.

www. sujatabajaj.com



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