Here’s Your Chance To Be A Part of Quilt India Samman!

Lakshmi Menon of Pure Living is back with Quilt India Samman
‘Samman’ means honour, respect and dignity and that is one of the focal areas of Quilt India Movement 2020. “We gift mommy kits which includes baby frocks, nappy, sheets etc to the underprivileged, needy mothers of newborns in India or war hit areas in other parts of the world. You can help us to be a part of this initiative by giving us your TIME!,” says Lakshmi Menon of Pure Living.
So ready to join the global mission? Let’s convert mundane cloth to a Samman. “We give you the fabric, you can help us with stitching the edges. That’s all,” continues Lakshmi.
Here is an opportunity
• to help a poor mother by providing new clothes for the baby.
• to liquidate unsold stocks of weavers,
•to be part of a global movement.
Donate just your TIME to do some basic hand/machine stitching, an essential life skill.
WhatsApp – +91 83300 21192


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