CIAL scores again with Floating Solar Power Plants


The solar panels have been mounted on two artificial lakes located in the 130 acre CIAL golf course

It is yet another milestone for the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) as it commissioned two new floating solar power plants with a capacity of 452 KWh. It introduced cost effective high-density polyethylene floats made using French technology that has been mounted on two artificial lakes located at the Golf course.

The company has already made Kerala proud by becoming the first solar powered airport in the country. With a total of 1,300 photovoltaic panels, CIAL now hopes to generate 1.60lakh units of power on a single day, well over its daily power consumption.

“CIAL has been reinventing itself since its formative days. One of our innovations which proved that relying upon green energy is possible even for high energy consumers like an airport has won us the Champions of the Earth Award instituted by the United Nations. We are committed to the protection of nature and are trying our best to reduce carbon footprint,” said Mr. VJ Kurien, founding Managing Director of CIAL.






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