Hens lay eggs with green yolks


Six hens belonging to a small poultry farm of a native in Malappuram, Kerala, have been laying eggs with green yolks. It has become the talk of the town and the pictures have gone viral. Scientists from the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) have launched a study into the special hens and the eggs.

It all began nine months ago when one of the hens of the farm laid an egg with a green yolk. The owner and his family did not consume it as they harboured doubts if it safe to eat it. They then hatched some of the eggs laid by the hen. Surprisingly, the new hens also started laying eggs with green yolks. In fact it tastes the same as yellow yolks.
Scientists have a doubt if some special feed consumed by the hens is the cause of the change in colour. They have taken a couple of hens from the farm and will feed it with normal chicken feed and observe if they still lay eggs with green yolks.


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