Heat wave in Europe


A new record high temperature was recorded on Paris yesterday and Europe is sweltering in a second heat wave this summer. Some climate scientists have warned that this could be the new normal in many parts of the world. Temperatures soared to 42.4 degrees Celsius beating the previous record of 40 4 Celsius in 1947.

Temperatures are continuing to rise due to the dry, hot air coming from Northern Africa. Netherlands and Belgium have also reported record heats. Netherlands recorded 40 4 and Belgium recorded an all time high of 40.6. Britain also expects to breach the 39 degree mark for the first time. Mercury touched an all time high of 36.9 at the Heathrow airport. The previous July record was 36.7 in July 2015 while an all time record of 38.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in August 2003.



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