Magnificent For Women: Hadaza Grooming Studio


It’s necessary to be a strong woman in today’s world. Being well-groomed creates positivity. Every woman invests a lot of time in selecting makeup and clothing for her special day. Hadaza Grooming Studio is here to help every woman this Valentine’s month, look for ideas. Chennai is buzzing with women’s grooming studio in the heart of the city, T. Nagar. We had fun interacting with the most positive, beautiful and young entrepreneur Sandhya Prasath, who believes beauty should be both inside and out. Let’s know more about Hadaza and what they have for this love month.

Text: Vinitha Venkatesha

What is the story behind the name Hadaza?
My spiritual mentor Mira Manoj gave this name ‘Hadaza’ when I was in 11th class and she told me when I start my own business I should use this name. Our studio is named after the maiden name of Queen Esther of the Bible. Hadaza was specifically chosen by the then Persian King among a bevy of beauties presented to him to take as a bride after a grooming period of one year. But the secret of Hadaza’s beauty lay in not only her groomed outer appearance but also in her inner strength, poise, manners, kind nature and amazing faith in prayer.
So when presented finally before the King, she shined like a ‘Diamond’ among the pebbles, with a heart of ‘Gold’. She not only won the heart and favor or her king but also her people with her courage, faith and fervent prayers which saved the entire Jewish nation from death.

What is Hadaza all about?
Hadaza is exclusively for women and run by women. We offer services for skin, hair and body spa at affordable prices. Even before choosing the products I researched and did a study on the entire brands in the market. When it comes to hair we stick to two luxury products, Balmain and L’Oréal Paris. For skin, we use Skeyndor a Spain brand that doesn’t have any bleaching agent. For makeup, we use Bobbie Brown, MAC, and Kryolan and OPI for nails.
We are a team of eight, two experts for hair and body care and two massage experts. Hadaza also has a boutique and we customise things for clients. Hadaza is like everything in one place like grooming from top to bottom and we concentrate more on packages. Whoever walks inside Hadaza should feel beautiful both in and out and walk out like a Queen. What I tell our clients is to keep yourself well-groomed and you will feel positive.

What is unique about Hadaza?
We at Hadaza believe in empowering women of all sizes, ethnicity, and backgrounds and also making each of them feel like a queen. Enhancing natural beauty is what we aim for which I highly value. The moment you step in, you are captured by the burst of colors of the interior decor and also you instantly feel at home. We use luxury brands for all services including hair, skin, and nails. Our team is benevolent and nurturing, making sure you are comfortable at all times. We have a special team by Gabriel who does personality development classes and counseling for our clients. We also have a prayer bowl where we pray for all our clients.

Who was your inspiration to start the salon?

My mom is a single parent and she managed to bring up our family. My mom won’t do her job just for the sake of getting money but she does it all with her heart. She is my inspiration to start a salon and I grew up watching her grooming people. My aunty, Lubna from Bangalore also an inspiration for me to open a salon.

What’s your piece of advice for women who are dreaming to be an entrepreneur?
I always wanted to become an entrepreneur before I get married. But my mind said it’s too difficult for you considering the financial and family situation. I knew what I wanted to do, of course, everybody knows what they want to do, all you need is to stay focused, overcome temptations, distractions and move forward. Be courageous and come out of the comfort zone, you may get hurt, people may reject you, you may get dejected but be focused on what you want. That is how people are witnessing Hadaza now, I feel blessed.

Who is your motivation in your field?
Kaveri Kalanithimaran is my real inspiration and role model who told me to be independent when I was in school, Dr. Renuka David and Lalita Fernandes who blindly believed in me and it’s from them I learned about leadership and management skills. My best friend Shruthi from the same industry supported me a lot.

What are the future plans for Hadaza?
I want to open Hadaza in many other cities including Bengaluru. But currently, I’m happy with my clients and meeting different women from various fields like teachers, doctors, celebrities, IAS officers, IT professionals, consul general, VIP, students, and even kids. We have personality development classes in the pipeline for young girls who are suffering from addiction, depression, peer pressure, relationship pressure and we want to create awareness that they have a life to enjoy and cherish. We are going to counsel them and make it an interesting workshop.

What are the looks you suggest for Valentine’s Day?
For actor Janani Iyer we have created the glossy bohemian romantic look with soft curls and loose braids in the crown area which is perfect for a coffee date. For Model Trishla we have created a bold and matte makeup look with a subtle smoky eye and a mauve red lip paired with natural curls towards the end of her hair which is ideal for a picturesque sunset outing with your loved one.



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