Some coffee and chortles seem to be the order of the day at most cafes and bars in Bengaluru and everyone seems to be ready to laugh out loud.

Text by Namita Gupta

It’s a laugh riot out there. The stand-up comedy scene is at an all-time high now in Bengaluru. Not only the regular tipplers but everyone seems to be making the most of their weekends at these stand-up gigs. Cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are buzzing with comedy evenings and laugh in the Luru are on the rise. The demand for the genre is seeing an upswing and how. Open mic evenings, Improv and Stand-up gigs are clearly the talk of the town. Comedy is serious business for some of these hotspots that are giving Bengalureans a dose of some fun nights with a funny twist. Whoever said ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, said it right. After all who doesn’t like a good laugh. Meet these catalysts who are changing the way we look at entertainment.


Gilly’s Redefined is the next step in gastronomic evolution of their signature resto-bars – Gilly’s. They threw in some spices of inspiration and hard work, blended it with yumminess, and topped it off with top-notch entertainment throughout the week, so that everyday feels like the weekend. The three floors of unique experiences have been carefully and lovingly curated by its owners Gurpreet and Gilbert.

What are the reasons for the growing popularity of these nights with a funny twist?

The stand-up comedy scene has been making waves across Bengaluru for a while now. As a consumer it helps you escape the monotony of everyday life, it lightens your mood and one always tends to leave happy, and people don’t mind spending a buck or two for that. Also agencies like OML and guys like AIB, Kannan Gill and many more have helped build the stand-up scene as a brand to where it is today. Their success vibrates through and influences young comedians and people who want to give it a shot. And with more and more FnB spaces opening their doors to live events, the supply and demand chain in the regard almost balances out as a platform for newcomers and most spaces hosting comedy does get a turn-out.

How do you curate something different in stand-up comedy? Name some stand-up comedy artists and shows who have performed here?

Currently we have in-house properties running at the Gilly’s restobars at Bel Road on Fridays and Kundanahalli on Sundays. With the launch of Myu Bar at Gilly’s Redefined in Koramangala we have also started comedy nights on Thursdays with various newcomers and fairly locally established artistes. These are smaller capacity spaces so we have not done the bigger artistes here yet, although our live performance venue will launch in December as a part of Gilly’s Redefined, and there we plan to do larger scale events with bigger acts.

What do people like most about your place?

Myu Bar at Gilly’s Redefined is definitely your happy place. The ambiance, murals and artwork across the space is very young, unique, and the outdoor seating surrounded by greenery just adds to the overall feel of the place, and people automatically feel very comfortable. Also, we have ensured of offering a more premium experience without a pinch in your pocket.

What is planned for the year ahead?

Very soon the other two levels at Gilly’s Redefined will launch – the rooftop and the live performance venue. Overall Gilly’s Redefined will hold a capacity of 1000 people (myu bar, live venue, rooftop) with each floor offering a different and unique experience. Apart from some premium FnB experiences and offers, you can expect to catch a lot of live events with some of the biggest acts perform there.



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