Greta Thunberg detained by the police


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was hauled away and detained by the police during a protest at a German village that is being razed to make way for coal mine expansion. There have been protests at Lutzerath, a tiny village that is slated to be cleared and demolished to make way for the nearby Garzweiler coal mine. Around 15,000 people joined in the demonstrations held on Saturday.

The entire group of protestors along with Greta Thunberg have been arrested by the police in the western village of Luetzerath. Images show Greta being picked up by police officers wearing helmets and taken to a waiting bus. She was released later according to reports.
Thunberg traveled to Germany to join the Lutzerath demonstrations. According to climate activists, the mine will lead to more greenhouse gas emissions and it could cause Germany to miss its climate targets under the Paris Agreement.



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