Gramiya Utsav 2020


Gramiya Utsav 2020, a unique Village Festival that features traditional village food, games, traditional art forms, entertainment, and various handmade products. This first-of-its-kind event brings together the essence, flavors, cultural identities and traditions of village life.

According to the organizers of this festival, the BIG B Entertainment, The grand village festival is organized to know our roots and take pride in our traditions. The 10-day carnival brings together all the essentials of village life, from food to cultural aspects to its festivities. Folk artists, traditional cooks, astrologers, and other specialists are brought from villages to give the event an authentic village feel.

Visitors can enjoy playing some of the long-forgotten traditional games such as Goli, Uriyadi, Bambaram, Pandi, etc. This is an earnest attempt to give a fresh lease of life to our traditional games. For shoppers, there is more. Textiles, handlooms, handicrafts, beauty products, spiritual collections such as Rudraksha, salagramam, gomathichakram, Siddha mala, Indira mala, valampurisangu, navaratna stones, bathing powder made using 21 ayurvedic herbs, jewelry, panchaloka ornaments, pancholaka statues, brass statues are on display.

In addition to this, several cultural events and dance forms are also featured in this traditional village fest. Visitors can watch Karagattam, Mayilattam, Kavadiyattam, Paraiattam and other traditional dances. This festival is intended to highlight the enchanting village life, cultural diversity and unadulterated entertainment in its unique and myriad forms. The festival offers great value to visitors as they can eat, play games, enjoy traditional dance shows and buy valuable products at affordable prices. The festival is sure to add great value to the bustling Chennai city. Family can have fun in the village ambiance.

When: 24th January to 2nd February 2020

Where: Kalashetra Grounds, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.



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