Gourmet Gala: The Tradition Kitchen


It’s unrestauranting on the rise in Bengaluru, thanks to the chaotic traffic and umpteen gourmet options available easily in the confines of your home. While there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafes and breweries mushrooming across the city, there’s also a surge in demand for home delivered gourmand offerings. Move over dal, roti, sabji or the staple rasam – rice, the bold and the beautiful of the metropolis are rejoicing in breaking away from the conventional meals. RITZ Magazine meets a few entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space, who are doing their bit to change the way we dine at home.


Eating and ordering out has become the norm. Parizaad and Natasha realised that there was a dearth of good, wholesome and nutritious food in the market. Most food had preservatives, oil was reused and fillers were added, which over a period of times causes havoc in your system. The Tradition kitchen was conceptualised to cater to the needs of people who wanted hassle free, home cooked yet, gourmet quality, completely healthy food that was customised for them and delivered directly to them. Childhood friends and enthusiastic foodies, both had been cooking since they were kids. Pari completed her college from Chitrakala Parishad and Natasha lived in Japan, Muscat, Dubai, Mumbai, Boston and France. While Pari is a chef and artist whose work has been influenced by the Middle Eastern and North African culture and colours; Natasha is a chef and entrepreneur. Both Natasha and Pari have a deep love and passion for recreating recipes that have been lovingly passed down over generations and it was this passion for food that has brought them together as The Tradition Kitchen.

So, what sets them apart from others? “Personalisation! We have the capability to completely customise what we offer in terms of taste and nutritional needs of each and every one – while we do have a set menu, we are always open to customising a meal for a single person, or an entire party. We use traditional recipes, with a twist- and the freshest produce – that ensures that our customer is getting the best possible quality and value for money. We have got a fantastic response, and we have been supplying regular meals to a number of people, seven days a week. Each menu plan is specifically designed to suit their requirements,” shares Parizaad. Natasha adds, “We are working towards launching our retail line in select stores around the city- we would also like to be the go-to brand in every household, for healthy, fresh and delicious food.”



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