Gourmet Gala: La Cave


It’s unrestauranting on the rise in Bengaluru, thanks to the chaotic traffic and umpteen gourmet options available easily in the confines of your home. While there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafes and breweries mushrooming across the city, there’s also a surge in demand for home delivered gourmand offerings. Move over dal, roti, sabji or the staple rasam – rice, the bold and the beautiful of the metropolis are rejoicing in breaking away from the conventional meals. RITZ Magazine meets a few entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space, who are doing their bit to change the way we dine at home.


Wine has always been her passion and she confesses she always love the ethos behind it. “La Cave was never just a retail store when I opened. I always wanted to create a space where well stored wine would be more accessible to all those who are intimidated by the subject. I wanted to create a comfortable space for women to purchase wine and liquor without patronisation. I’ve travelled extensively to wonderful wine regions and wineries over the last 15 years and have a professional background,” states Madhulika Bhattacharya Dhall, who is also a Radio Jockey with All India Radio for the past 10 years.

“Our spacious store layout allows for a truly relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. The store is merchandised as per international standards with a great selection of spirits, wines and beer from across the world. Our extremely knowledgeable staff guides visitors through the portfolio and products available. There were quite a few challenges as it’s not easy for a woman leading in the forefront, being the face of a liquor store, which has always been a man’s domain in India. It took a while to break some stereotypes. La Cave is the face of luxury wine and spirits retail and I plan to have a La Cave store in every city in the future,” adds Madhulika.



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