Goodness in a bottle


We all know that to stay healthy, one should eat breakfast like a king. As per a recent study done by Goodness!, 1 in 3 Indians skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Goodness! is a Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverage brand in the dairy segment that offers a quick, easy and tasty breakfast option. Goodness! is India’s first Anytime Breakfast – offerings a wide range of options from Oats smoothie to Yogurt Smoothies. Goodness! has also developed the Coffiato – first of its kind Cold Brewed Coffee. The brand portfolio of Oats Smoothies, Yogurt Smoothies and Cold Coffees contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours and are a great source of nutrition and protein. Goodness! is on a mission to create and promote functional, fun & healthy beverage choices that become a part of consumers’ daily routine. Founded by Chaitanya Chitta and Lakshmi Dasaka, the brands caters to the millennials looking for alternative and healthier beverage experience.
Passionate about people and brands, Lakshmi started her career in Talent Acquistion for Satyam’s BPO arm. Within a span of two years, she was heading the Talent Management function for the company, one of the youngest in the profession to do so. She was also one of the first people from India to successfully complete PHR and SPHR certifications from SHRM. Her passion for people and strategy took her to KPMG, US where she was consulted for Fortune 500 companies.
With her experience in managing people and performances, she had set-up SmartOn Learning Solutions, an online bootcamp & certification for digital skills, providing full-stack technology tools for e-commerce, digital & social media marketing through immersive project-based courses. The company was selected to be a part of the prestigious TechStars accelerator program in New York City. In his second entrepreneurial stint, Chaitanya went on to start DropKaffe in 2015 – Bengaluru’s popular coffee-delivery, offering a wide range of beverages and snacking options. DropKaffe has since evolved and now offers Ready-to-Drink dairy-based beverages under the brand name ‘Goodness!’.
Lakshmi is an alumni of Cornell University holding a Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations. She resides in Bengaluru with her husband, Chaitanya Chitta. She has mastered the art of balancing work and motherhood. Her 5 year old son keeps her on her toes and is her sounding board for new ideas. Gardening and yoga are her mantras for de-stressing.



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