Global Beauty Secrets Introduces French and Roman Soaps


The presence of wine and French plums in ancient Roman and French culture have been always considered in high regards. At this point in the beauty boomed industry, we are always on the lookout for products that do not have any repercussions on our skin and in these circumstances, wine and French plums have played a distinct role by being a health stimulator as well as a beauty enhancer. Keeping this thought in mind, Global Beauty Secrets introduces their Roman Wine Soap and French Plum Butter Soap.

The French Plum Butter soap which is a Nat Gascony Plum Butter extract is obtained from the oil of cold-pressed plum that is grown in the Gascony area in France. It has softening, nourishing, revitalizing, moisturizing and emollient properties. It is also an excellent detoxifying agent. The plum butter easily spreads on the skin and penetrates quickly whilst imparting a pleasant tinge of nourishment and glow.

Roman Wine Soap aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles due to its polyphenol content. The alpha-hydroxy acids present in wine cause exfoliation that can decrease freckles, brown spots, and discoloration of the skin.

 The Roman Wine Shop is priced at INR 500

The French Plum Butter Soap is priced at INR 500



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