Glenn Maxwell’s Fiancee Slams Troll Who Told Her To Ditch ‘Troubled White Boy


Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell is engaged to be married to Vini Raman, a pharmacist of Indian origin based in Melbourne. The couple announced their engagement earlier this year and also had an Indian betrothal ceremony soon after.

In a recent post on her Instagram account, Vini has proved that she can take on vicious trolls while being a pillar of support for her fiancé. “Clearly fishing for a reaction so I’ll give it to you. Unlike you I don’t see colour, I can love someone regardless of their nationality or ethnicity and that is completely my choice. I don’t have to base my life decisions on the opinion of a faceless random on the internet and I surely don’t have to justify it. If you don’t like what you see keep scrolling champ!” she replied to the troll.

The troll had originally comment under her Instagram post showing the couple at the Burj Khalifa. “Ditch the mentally troubled white boy @vini.raman .. You don’t need to feel sorry for the poor dude… Get an Indian guy you sell out,” the comment read.

Vini also took to her Instagram stories to highlight the spiteful comment. “Loving someone of a different skin colour doesn’t make you a sell out. Loving a ‘white person’ doesn’t mean I’m embarrassed to be Indian. Loving a ‘white person’ is my choice and I shouldn’t have to worry about what others will think,” she wrote.

The cricketer had taken a break from cricket last year to deal with mental health issues and currently in the UAE, playing in the Indian Premier League for the Kings XI Punjab team.



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