Getting “The Look”


They’re hot – both on and off the field. And fans love to emulate their every action. Here’s a look at trending haircuts from some of IPL’s top players

Virat Kohli

The poster boy for Indian cricket has always been obsessed with his hair. And his present IPL look has made waves with his fans. Looking dapper – sort of like David Beckham – his new cut gives him a rakish sort of appeal, making more and more female hearts go pitter-patter.


Shikhar Dhawan

The rough-and-tumble look has been his trademark. Prominent handlebar moustache and a close buzz give him a mean edge. It’s not just the perfect look for the summer, it’s a look Shikhar’s been maintaining for a while now. And we think it suits him just fine.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni

From long and blond to short and simple, the Indian skipper now maintains a simple close crop, choosing to show off his salt and pepper highlights. We must say that marriage and now fatherhood have definitely highlighted the mature side of Dhoni. And it’s a look that he carries off with much aplomb.


Murali Vijay

Always stylish and well aware of his good looks, Murali Vijay has come into this season of IPL with a slightly rakish touch to his look. Sporting a moustache and beard the batsman from Kings XI Punjab has the sides of his hair kept short and light while the top has more volume and length, a look that just adds to his swagger!







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