Get some Virtual Reality Travel Experiences


Ever wonder what a road trip across scenic Iceland would feel like? Or what the inside of the Sistine Chapel looks like or what it is to do yoga in Pangong Lake?  You have now an experience to help you transport yourself to a destination before actually going there.


Strap on a Virtual Reality headset and transport yourself to Iceland to experience the adventure of driving through the great Icelandic outdoors in first person, venture into the Sistine Chapel and strike a yogic pose at Pangong Lake. Byond Travel, a travel start-up has launched a Virtual Reality Feature for travel.  Byond Travel is the only start-up from India working directly with Google on their project Tango (, bringing augmented and virtual reality in the travel space.

Byond is currently working on developing virtual reality experiences for destinations across the world including Ladakh, Italy, Jordan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan, Egypt and more!



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