Get Ready Detox your Body with Love At ‘Me Met Me’


Valentines Day Detox with Wellness Expert Nuthan Manohar & Nutritionist Gayathri Asokan 

The 3 Day Valentines Day Detox shall be on the mornings of 11th , 12th and 13th of February 2017 at Me Met Me, Panampilly Nagar. “Love makes you smile, love makes your eyes sparkle, love makes life worthwhile. It renews your energy and you become radiant. Love heals. However in these stressful times, the glow is fading away. Both our body and mind are stressed from excess food, late nights, traffic, pollution, work pressure, relationship issues etc. We have overloaded the body with carbohydrates, refined flour and sugars, fats, chemical ingredients etc. Instead of the glow and vitality of love, we are full of toxins.

Our body has innate ability to remove many toxins however in current lifestyle and soaring pollution levels we put in more toxins than the body can remove. Over time, this stacks up, leading to complications. Detoxification is a process of reducing the toxins in the body by decreasing the toxin intake and aiding the body cleanse itself. Our body eliminates toxins via kidneys, liver, digestive tract (intestines and colon), lungs, and skin. A detox works on all restoring these organs, eliminating impurities and leaves you feeling full of energy and with a fresh perspective on your life. The time the session will not just focus on detoxing, but also connecting back to love.

Apart from super foods and detox juices, we are including ingredients like dark chocolate, honey, strawberry, avocado etc which mimic the hormones the body releases when we are in love – dopamine, vasopressin, oxytocin etc. The detox includes informative discussions on how to detox, sweaty detox workout , breathing practices and a delicious detox kit that helps get rid of the carbs, fat, alcohol, preservatives, additives and help the body rest and recover. Special sessions on opening the heart chakra, so that love, forgiveness and healing becomes easier will be the highlight of the workshop,” says Nuthan Manohar.

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