Function and Form from Saibaan, the furniture brand



Even a piece of furniture can tell a story. By marrying beautiful forms that are also utilitarian, Saibaan has designed furniture that is a treat for the eyes and raises no eyebrows on the precincts of practicality. Which means living life king size –which is the essence of its ideology, does not mean compromising on space or other functions in a room? This is where bespoke furniture allows you to customize and build around features that you may ordinarily discount to fit in all your needs in one space. So your home revolves around you and not your furniture.


It is not just the simplicity of design, but also the ease with which it can be assembled, disassembled and reconfigured. This desire for quality and malleability makes the pieces stand out and prove that simplicity can add to a space. Tables can be quite ego centric as they demand a central location in a layout and hence grab the attention of all seated around. Saibaan’s collection of centre tables meets this challenge with elegant designs that add grace to a space and blend in rather than demark a block.



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