Fun With A & A: For The Love Of Science


Atharv Jain, 8 and Amara Jain, 4 in their quest to make science logical, appealing, interesting, and super fun launched their YouTube channel ‘Fun With A & A’ in June during the lockdown. They demystify complex science laws and principles through fun and interesting and innovative science experiments. The experiments are completely non-scripted and raw which are done by the kids for the kids. They focus on entertaining and enlightening their audience with their innovative and exciting videos.

Once Atharv understands the science behind the experiment, he uses his imagination and logic to make the video and explain it. During the rain cloud in a jar experiment, he wanted to use the dumbbell and explain how when it becomes heavy we drop the weight the same way clouds drop rain when they are heavy. He also talks about human qualities and emotions in the water stratification video. The kids are breaking the traditional rote system and making everyone understand the concepts easily.

Atharv and Amara are highly appreciated for their confidence, logic, and the way they are enjoying making the experiments and the overwhelming response from the audience are like an energy boost for the kids.



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