From Chennai To Madras: L.Ramachandran


In pursuit of revealing the untold stories of the city of Chennai, the photography book Chennai to Madras continues to reflect the intense beauty and its historically illustrious heritage, which are the integral parts within the oneness of the people. Life at its hectic pace with people following one’s dream in normal times stands up as one for every crisis and eventualities. Turning the tide during those critical moments of adversities demonstrates the true characteristics of agility, magnanimity, and simplicity among the people of Chennai.

Here is an effort by L. Ramachandran to capture the essence of not only the aesthetic but also the spirit, and emotions of the rich heritage, culture, people, and its reverence within. Through his lenses, leveraging the natural sunlight, captures the alluring oneness in the serenity of the COVID-19 period, will continue to grab your attention. The city has always embraced everyone new to the city and the natives to thrive. In the middle of the breakneck rush, he reminds us to ponder and experience its abundance. Wrapped in the visual journey in Chennai to Madras will continue to enthrall you with its spectacular visuals. These visuals continue to present a scintillating and mesmerizing panorama of our city Chennai.

Reflecting on the importance of artistic, historical, political, technical, and architectural grandeur, Madras renamed in the year 1996 as Chennai holds its head high for the importance of these monuments and iconic buildings from various eras. Chennai to Madras equally spellbinds with the photographs of these iconic monuments and locations captured during the COVID-19 period. Each image captured narrates a story you might associate with yourself, the society, and the contributors. Immersed in this richness of historical and cultural sublimity, these visuals are a treasure for someone who wishes to explore the length and breadth of this city. The visual treat is complete only after the journey through Chennai to Madras. The photography book, Chennai to Madras echoes its varied emotions captured in the city and the iconic monuments, which is true pride for every Madraskaaran.

The guests who participated in this event are C.K.Kumaravel, Naturals, Ashok Kumar SPR, Anurag Alliance Marbles, Thilak Arasu Mandionline, and Shero Founder, VKT Balan Madura Travels, Sriharan Balan, Deputy Managing Director Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd. This event was anchored by Hemachandran founder CEO Brand Avatar.



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