Friends In Disguise – Hyderabad


It’s always fun to dress up for a costume party. The planning and anticipation only add to the final result on the day of the do. With the festive and party season approaching we put together a style feature, getting fashion forward friends to dress as they would for a masquerade.

Sofiya Sujad and Dushyant Reddy

This young doctor is also a charming fashionista while her friend is getting ready for a career in building and breaking!

The duo have known each other for two years, been best buds for most of that time and say they feel like they’ve been together for eons more. Like most people their age, the two are still not into high fashion and term their style as street-chic. And what better theme for them to choose than pirates for a masquerade look.

So here they are, doing a spoof on a pirate and a tarot reader.



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