Friends In Disguise – Bengaluru


It’s always fun to dress up for a costume party. The planning and anticipation only add to the final result on the day of the do. With the festive and party season approaching we put together a style feature, getting fashion forward friends to dress as they would for a masquerade.

Ritika Luthria Sadhwani and Ambika Kapoor

They’re two of the hottest faces on Bengaluru’s party circuit, always superbly outfitted for every do.

The duo have been besties for several years now, in fact they’re so close sometimes they feel like sisters, they say. With an innate sense of style and grace, these pocket rockets (as we refer to them because of their diminutive size and spunky attitude) got into the mood to dress as they would for a masquerade party, with long designer gowns and matching Venetian masks to keep their identity a mystery.



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