Fortis La Femme’s Launch of New Specialty Health Clinics in Bengaluru


Fortis La Femme’s Launch of New Specialty Health Clinics in Bengaluru Puts Spotlight on Prioritizing Women’s Health

  • The state-of-the-art specialty clinics makes specialty healthcare more accessible to the women of the city and nearby regions.
  • The specialty clinics include adolescence obesity clinic and PCOS clinics, breast clinic, and menopause clinic.
  • The clinics have been launched to add another dimension of Fortis La Femme’s core services directed towards putting spotlight on women’s health.
  • Traditionally, women’s health has always taken a backseat in the country; the initiative aims to make women’s health central to the family unit.

Traditionally worldwide and specially in India, women’s health and accessibility to healthcare have always taken a backseat, while the rest of the family have enjoyed priority for these essential services.

Acting on its core belief and continuing with its fight to change the discourse, Fortis La Femme Hospital, a specialty hospital for women and children, today launched Priority Health Specialty Clinics for Bangalorean women.

Gracing the launch event were Chief Guest Mrs Wanita Ashok, Bengaluru’s Fitness Queen, along with Ms Anika Parashar, COO, Fortis La Femme.

“With this launch the women of Garden City will benefit from the unique healthcare concept and gain better avenues of healthcare. The specialty clinics are not only designed to provide healthcare services but also to create lasting awareness aimed towards making women’s health as central to a family unit and society in general as that of any other family member. It is high team that Indian women realize their equal right to early and best healthcare services and claim that space.”,Ms Anika Parashar, COO, Fortis La Femme said.

The specialty clinics include ‘Adolescence Obesity Clinic, Adolescence PCOS Clinic, Breast Clinic and Menopause Clinic with a focus to nurture and care for women at every stage of their life from birth, adolescence, motherhood to menopause by prioritizing clinical excellence and patient privacy in a discreet female environment, leading to a much improved patient experience.

“This is yet again an extension of our endeavors of providing the best possible healthcare service experience to women. The new clinics will add to the existing La Femme offerings of a comprehensive, tailor made, clinical and holistic care for women; caring for their complete health and wellness needs in warm and nurturing spaces. It is designed to gift women medical care matching international standards through a pool of clinical specialists, superlative nursing, care and efficient hospital staff who are equipped to manage all patient needs with empathy and warmth.” Mr. Srikant Subudhi, Facility Director- Fortis La Femme, Bengaluru, said.

Fortis La Femme Bengaluru is a 75-bed unit with specialized departments of Obstetrics and High Risk Pregnancy, Minimal Access Gynecology Surgery, Neonatal Intensive Care (Tertiary Care Level 3 NICU), Skin Clinic and Dermatology, Amaara Bank – First Human Milk bank in Karnataka for pre-term babies and Blood bank. The latest launch adds specialty clinics for Adolescence, Menopause and Breast Surgery to the bouquet of offerings.

The key driving force behind bringing in La Femme as an exclusive service provider is the singular enhanced focus on women’s health. From improved infrastructure to exemplary service & aesthetics with priority on patient privacy and clinical excellence will lead to a much enriched patient experience.



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