Flying high with the F16’s



iamges41The band comprises Josh Fernandez as the frontman and guitarist, Sashank Manohar on the bass, Viraj Yesudas on the guitars, Vikram Yesudas on the drums and Harshan Radhakrishnan on the keys and synthesizer.

What is The F16’s all bout? How did it happen?

The F16’s are an Electro Indie act from Chennai. The members originally played in different bands previously and got together about 8 months ago to start this band.

Why “The F16’s”?

Well… Why not? There was no real thought into naming the band. It just happened, and besides we left our literature books at home…

Have you all come from different backgrounds? Does that affect or play any role in the music you create?

Yes, all of us have different backgrounds and it does affect the way we create our music. Viraj and Vikram have a solid Rock ‘n Roll foundation, while Josh and Sashank bring out the melodies and the structures for the song and to top it all, Harshan brings in the electronica. All of us just love the feeling of playing live. Being on stage has to be a part of our lives… that’s how we work!

Take us through some of your biggest albums/songs.

We are currently recording our first EP “Kaleidoscope” with sound engineer Toby Joseph. The tentative date for release is around mid-March, so we are hoping to make a statement with this. It has 6 songs in it and each of the songs has a unique sound to it.

Which artistes/bands inspire you the most?

We’re inspired by Mutemath, Foals, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Alt – J, Ratatat and some Indian acts like Shakey Rays, Adamn and The Fish Eyed Poets, Pentagram and Dualist Inquiry!

Do you think bands get enough attention in India? How about Chennai?

Chennai is pretty stagnant when it comes to the band scene. It could be way better. Right now, there are hardly any venues to play at. As for the rest of India, I guess the scene is growing, slowly but steadily.



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