Skrat brings out the big guns


iamges39Skrat is a band based out of Chennai. Defining their genre as being “Alternative + Hard Rock + JamBand + Something”, the band comprises Sriram on the guitar and as the lead vocalist, Satish on the bass and vocals, Tapass on the drums and vocals, and Abhinav on the guitar.

1. What is Skrat? How did it happen? 

Skrat is our escape from reality. It happened over a few phone calls back in 2006, and the name, Skrat, was an innocent decision that stuck on.
2. Have you all come from different backgrounds? Does that affect or play any role in the music you create?

Each of our entries into music has been through different genres of music: from country to Carnatic. So both as a band and individually, we have played it all. But, Skrat has a sound now: a sound that we have honed and sharpened over the past 4 years. That is what sets it apart from anything else.
3. Take us through some of your biggest albums and songs.

Our first album as a band was Design. It had eight songs in it, and was more of our little experiment before we came up with the second album – which is soon to be released, and is titled Bring out the Big Guns.
4. What inspires you all, individually and collectively?

Individually, our inspiration can range over anything from food to cartoons, from dreams to oppression. Simply put, we are inspired and motivated by anything that strikes the right chord with us, and then acts as the muse.
5. What’s happening in the coming days? 

Our new album, Bring out the Big Guns is going to be released soon. Besides that, we’re also releasing a couple of videos, and of course, play live on stage. We live to play live.
6. Which artistes/bands inspire you most?

All of the bands in India are trying to bring up the “scene.” Among all those bands, the few that speak that stand out for us are those that have ‘made it’ in the scene in India and abroad. Musical influences are just too many for us to put down.
7. Do you collaborate with other artistes and bands? Tell us about some of them.

Our first collaboration on record was with Shakthisree Gopalan. The song “In the rain” was released just last month. We always like the idea of collaboration, and for all those that are eager to know, wait and watch our Facebook page for updates on all of our upcoming special collaborations that we have lined up this year!


8. Do you think bands get enough attention in India? How about the scene in Chennai?

Yes and no. It is a fledgling industry and it is only fair to give it time. About five years later, it is possible that the scene will be set and the attention that bands will get, will be unparalleled.



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