Fashionably Forward From The South – Deepika Govind & Apoorva Vishwanathan


The fashion designer with a social conscience, the art connoisseur with an appreciation for everything hand wielded and a subtle interior decorator, Deepika Govind is a celebrated name of Indian fashion since its infancy.

She launched her label way back in 1995, set up a studio and workshop and finally opened her store in March 2002 in Bengaluru. Her first solo show was in 1995, followed by another in 1996. In 2001 Deepika showcased for the first time at Lakme India Fashion Week as well as Hong Kong Fashion Week under the Asia Pacific Designers’ showcase. She showcases regularly at the Wills India Fashion Week each season and is one of the few consistent and wearable designers from the country.

Her muse, Apoorva Vishwanathan, is a hugely popular model from Bengaluru. She’s been walking the ramp regularly for Deepika for the last decade now. “I can’t imagine a time when someone like Apoorva will not be part of my shows. She’s a perfect muse and an inspiration on so many levels – the perfect body to dress up, a classic face and stunning eyes, a woman of so much strength for she’s single-handedly battled several obstacles life has thrown her way. She has a solid career outside of modelling and she’s just one of those people who elevates the look of my designs,” tells the passionate designer.

  1. Dressed in a tangerine coloured one-shoulder silk garment, Apoorva shows off Deepika’s design to its full potential. The drape gives the garment an Indian touch and it’s worn on top of a sharara, but the designer quickly adds that the lower garment could be omitted, making it look like a western gown. Else it could even be worn on cigarette pants or leggings if desired.

“The versatility of the garment makes it perfect for a woman like Apoorva,” tells Deepika.

  1. Created from Muga silk, this short dress-like garment that has been embellished by a sleeveless cutwork jacket should actually be worn over dhoti pants. But looking at how cute Apoorva looked in this prom-like dress, the designer decided to omit the pants and pose with the dusky model dressed in a part drape garment herself.

“I’m in this phase where I’m creating garments with multiple uses, drapey things that can be worn in different manners. I love the way she looks young and flighty in a dress.”



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